Schutzhund Training, Illinois

Schutzhund Training, Illinois

Joliet, IL



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Ma\Make your home safer for your companion and working animals. 

Here is a list of potentially poisonous items for dogs and cats that you should know about.

Dr. Karen Becker

Dr. Karen Becker is a DVM and also a Holistic Vet.   Dr. Becker is well versed in moderate and natural options to solve specific health issues, and is concerned about life long wellness for the dogs. 

 "I could have spent the whole day there picking her brain. I can't say that about any other vet visit in my life."

 If you would like feedback on your feeding program, or would like to explore more natural alternatives to specific health concerns, we strongly recommend a consultation.


Leerburg produces an impressive assortment top quality training videos related to selecting, training and caring for working dogs.    We find their videos invaluable.

We use and endorse several products from Leerburg from training aids to supplements for our raw feeding program.    

Our training group members are regular Leerburg customers.

Whenever we are looking for information or products for training working dogs, we start at

Thank you doesn't seem like enough...

Our gratitude and prayers of safe return go out to Jeff Frawley and the other men and women who are fighting a very real war on terror for our collective benefit.

God bless the troops who won't be coming home.   

We believe their sacrifice was for a just and noble cause.


Schutzhund Training, Illinois